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JHL CEO Presents at International Therapeutic Antibody Summit

17 Oct 2013

Racho Jordanov, Co-founder, President, and CEO of JHL Biotech, presented at the Second International Therapeutic Antibody Summit in Wuhan, China on October 17, 2013. Mr. Jordanov was invited to speak as an expert in the theme of this year’s summit-- therapeutic antibody development and production. His speech was entitled “Challenges and Opportunities in the Development of Large Scale mAb Manufacturing Processes.”

Research institutions from around the world unveil their latest research at the International Therapeutic Antibody Summit. The Summit also provides the opportunity for research organizations and service agencies to share upcoming trends and results in therapeutic antibody research.

In addition to his presentation, Mr. Jordanov was awarded an honorary certificate and named an industrial technology consultant for Biolake, a prominent biopharmaceutical research hub in China home to nearly 80 companies working in all stages of drug development. JHL Biotech is building a KUBio™ modular biopharmaceutical factory at Biolake that is projected to be operational by 2015.